ONLINE EXTRA: Romantic comedy not funny

By Marie Rodriguez

Newly released “Life as We Know It” gives audiences a bit of the unexpected. Unfortunately it is not an unexpectedly great movie, but more serious and sad than a typical romantic comedy should be.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are two enemies sworn against each other as a result of a bad date set up by their two best friends, a married couple. Their only shared interest is this couple’s daughter, Sophie.

An accident leaves Sophie an orphan and, to everyone’s surprise, in the care of Heigl and Duhamel. The two are also left the family home and decide to live in it together to raise the toddler.

The writers had a great opportunity to break free from the romantic comedy mold while leaving the girl-hates-boy, girl-spends-time-with-boy, boy-and-girl-fall-in-love storyline mostly intact.

The obligatory feel-good storyline was present, though comedy was not at the forefront. Isn’t this still possible to achieve? Didn’t Heigl and Gerard Butler do it last year in “The Ugly Truth?”

While the plot will lead audiences to theaters, the forced jokes and abundance of attempted tearjerker scenes will make them feel every minute of the nearly two-hour runtime.

“Life as We Know It” gets credit for a beautiful cast (Josh Lucas and Christina Hendricks also appear) that makes the screen easier to look at. All things said though, this movie may be better saved for a rental.

Grade: C+

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