ONLINE EXTRA: ‘Let Me In’ outshines ‘Twilight’

By Darcy Arizmendi

For years, the “Twilight” franchise has dominated the vampire genre. We now have “Let Me In,” and it looks to draw blood.

What makes LMI different from other vampire movies is its mix of extremely adult themes and vicious violence being seen through seemingly innocent children. The saddest part is that these child actors have their crap together more than the entire cast of “Twilight.”

The movie takes place in New Mexico during 1983. The film centers around a 12-year-old boy named Owen, who gets picked on at school. He then goes home to fantasize about cutting his bullies up, Mike Myers style.

A new neighbor who moves into Owen’s apartment complex soon catches his attention. Even though this new neighbor is female, she’s not exactly girl-next-door material.

Owen tries to bond with this mystery girl whenever she hangs out in the playground at night. At first they bump heads like fenemies but eventually warm up to each other. Well, at least Owen gets warm.

We learn the girl’s name is Abby and of course she is not what the world thinks. Abby is a vampire, plain and simple. No backstory, no timeline. All we know is that she must have changed while she was a young girl.

Abby has an older man living with her who remains nameless but not unsung toward the end. This father figure spends his time getting happy meals for Abby that include blood from unsuspecting high schoolers.

Of course the police get involved, trying to figure out who is responsible for the sudden spike in murders. One officer (also nameless) tries to piece all the murders together and believes it must be part of a cult.

The movie has decent plot twists and feels less forced than, say, when Edward tells Bella that he doesn’t love her anymore and then you find he was lying, gasp.

The real only negative is that the movie’s a remake. The original Swedish film did not get wide release and was put straight to DVD for American audiences.

This is the closest remake since 1998’s “Psycho,” but actually good. I recommend the movie to any horror fans or to any guys who wish to get revenge on their girlfriends for dragging them to a team Edward event.

Grade: B+

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