Digital Arts students design illustrations for productions


'Charlotte's Web' by Irena Monticelli

By Stephanie Missouri

Each spring, digital arts students at Pima Community College get an opportunity to show off their work in a competition for bragging rights.

Students are asked to create illustrations for the next season’s theater productions as part of an ongoing collaboration between the Theatre Arts department and Digital Arts department chair Dennis Landry.

'The Time of Your Life' by Andrea Lopez

Winners can add artwork to their portfolio that has been used in an actual marketing campaign.

A committee composed of theater directors Todd Poelstra, Frank Pickard and Mickey Nugent work with Center for the Arts marketing director Carol Carder to review entries.

“We choose the illustrations that best reflect the direction and feel of the play,” Carder said. “I use the selected illustrations in the marketing I design for each show, including large display posters, fliers, the season brochure and the web pages.”

Elements the judges consider include the technical quality of the illustration, colors used, resolution size and marketing appropriateness.

'anything Goes' by Beth Showalter

Winners for the current season are Irena Monticelli for “Charlotte’s Web,” Andrea Lopez for “The Time of Your Life,” Beth Showalter for “Anything Goes” and Ruth McDonald for “Antigone.”

'Antigone' by Ruth McDonald

All four illustrations have been custom-framed and are on display in the Proscenium Theatre foyer.

Despite quickly-evolving technology, the quality of the student submissions remains high, Carder said.

Other student designers selected in recent years include:

“Charlotte’s Web” – Irena Monticelli
“The Time of Your Life” – Andrea Lopez
“Anything Goes” – Beth Showalter
“Antigone” – Ruth McDonald

“Ramona Quimby” – Alex Marquez
“See How They Run” – Jennifer Colaleo
“Cinderella” – Hasan Alsuhil
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Michelle Thayer

“A Thousand Cranes” – Andrew Glaser
“Picasso of Lapin Agile” – Drew Pace
“The Crucible” – Michael Baldwin

“The Big Friendly Giant” – Sean Thurlow
“Much Ado About Nothing” – Chris Carroll
“Wonderful Town” – Savannah Tom
“Buried Child” – Dale Lee

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