Be creative with your costume

By Miki Jennings

As a kid, my second favorite part of Halloween (the first being candy) was coming up with zany, obscure costume ideas and bringing them to fruition.

I’m not gonna lie, some were pretty bad. Some got stares from passersby. But they were MY bad costumes, and I was proud of those weird looks that I earned with my creativity.

At least they weren’t the typical, pre-packaged costumes seen in every store window. Seeing the same outfit on three different people sucks out a lot of the fun.

One year, my dad took me to Walmart for my first-ever store-bought costume. I chose a ghost costume that was plain but got the job done.

It happened to be the exact same costume worn by “Becky,” the granddaughter of a couple I trick-or-treated. I was so confused when they pulled me into their house and posed for photos with me, pinching my blushing cheeks as I tried to hide under my white ghost hood.

The extra candy was awesome, but I was horrified. I can only imagine the awkwardness when the real Becky showed up later. I digress, but my point is that this wouldn’t have happened if I had been able to dress like I wanted, as a radioactive zombie clown.

How many girls do you see nowadays wearing the same base costume of a tiny skirt or booty shorts, heels and an exaggeratedly low neckline?

Then, depending on the accessories, the costume is either Sexy Officer, Sexy Animal, Sexy Historical Figure or Sexy Lead Female Role from The Most Overrated Movie of the Year.

I understand the value of eye candy, but this costume formula is bland and overdone. Mass-produced costumes are just so BORING.

Halloween is a time to express yourself and think outside the box. You’re selling yourself short unless the “you” you’re expressing is unique and inspired.

Why not get creative this Halloween and do something unexpected?

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