AZTEC FICTION SERIES, PART 2: Adventures of a College Drama Queen: ‘First Rehearsal’

By April George

A week had passed, and Phoebe was still in shock. She’d gotten the part.

After worrying and losing sleep, telling everybody there was somebody better than her for the role, she was sitting in the theater, in a circle with the rest of the cast, holding the script with her beloved Maureen’s lines highlighted in purple.

To her left sat Doug, the miniscule blond playing her former flame, Mark. To her right sat Lucy, the fiery brunette playing Joanne, Maureen’s lover in the month before the opening scenes of the show.

The director, James, sat in the center of the circle, addressing the group.

“Everyone, welcome. After a difficult process, you’ve all been selected for roles in this year’s production of ‘Rent.’ You’ve been chosen for your roles based on several things. A few of you were cast as the character you auditioned for, but many of you were cast because I saw something in you that was right for your part.”

James pointed to Doug. “Now, why don’t we each introduce ourselves? State your name and who you are playing. We’ll start with Doug and go left.”

The blond actor stood up. “Hi, I’m Doug. I’m playing the role of Mark.”

To his left, a lanky actor with black hair raised a hand. “I’m Eddie, and I’ll be playing Roger.”

On and on the introductions went. Everything blurred together in Phoebe’s mind until she felt Lucy stand and introduce herself. Phoebe brushed her long red hair from her face and stood. “I’m Phoebe, and I’ll play the role of Maureen.”

James nodded. “Thank you all. Now, we have no time to lose. We open in just under a month. Why don’t we start our read-through?”

They all opened their scripts. Doug looked nervous, but Phoebe could understand that. He had the biggest role in the show. Doug started his opening monologue, over the music that James had set up to represent the band playing.

After a few minor incidents (the girl playing Mimi was badly off-key, in Phoebe’s opinion), the read-through was over.

James sat back in the center of the circle. “Not bad, for the first time.” He handed out disks. “This is the musical side of the show. I want you all to listen to it as you learn your lines. We’ll meet here again tomorrow at 6.”

See next issue for Part 3.

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