Too many UA/PCC football conflicts

By James Kelley

The Pima Community College football team’s recent renaissance is great and all, but the atmosphere is still decidedly JV.

The Aztecs need many things, like cheerleaders, a band, a fight song, but most of all they need more support.

The team has fans, but it needs enough fans to intimidate visiting teams. It would be just super if players got enough support to make foes waste timeouts (though not so fanatical that they strike opposing cheerleaders with water bottles, of course.)

Pima has upgraded its football coaching and players, ditched that Arena Football League name Storm, added better uniforms and secured a home stadium. However, football still plays home games as if it was in the witness protection program.

There is one thing that is contributing to that more than anything else. Pima football is inexplicably competing with the University of Arizona for football fans and that is a losing battle.

If 50,000 people attend a game at UA, there are obviously fewer college football fans available to watch the Aztecs. The UA is starting to compete for the Rose Bowl every year. Few people will skip a game on ESPN, or even Versus, to attend a junior college game.

UA has a bye on Oct. 2, when Pima hosts Scottsdale Community College at Tucson Electric Park. Every other Pima football home game is on the same day as a UA home date.

The Aztecs don’t play at a high school anymore and TEP doesn’t exactly have lots of tenants, so Pima should be free to schedule as they choose.

Why do games always have to be on Saturdays? PCC could have Thursday, Friday and Sunday games, all normal football dates.

Sunday could be a great day. I can understand if Snow College of Utah can’t go to Thursday night games or Pima wants to save Friday nights for high school but the Lord’s game on the Lord’s day makes sense.

The NFL is the most popular league in the world, but its Sunday afternoon games are usually lacking. They purposely give you butt-ugly games like the Raiders versus the Cardinals in order to convince you to buy Sunday Ticket or the Red Zone.

How cool would an extra day of college football be instead of the league of rapists, wife beaters, drunk drivers and dog-fighting millionaires who are getting ready to strike?

More Pima fans equals more money and maybe those cheerleaders and band in the future.

Surely Tucson has room in its heart for two college football teams. Give PCC a chance.

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