Take a trip to ‘Town’

By Jonathan Fraser

Ben Affleck does it all: he can direct, act and write screenplays. Affleck returns to the big screen as a director three years after his debut with “Gone Baby Gone,” and his return was well worth the wait.

In “The Town,” Affleck masterfully depicts life in Charlestown, Mass., a single square mile that produces more bank and armored car robbers than any other place in the world.

You get the sense that this small town filled with crime is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, but if they’re asked, they “didn’t see nothin.’”

Affleck plays the main character, Doug McCray, the architect behind all the bank robberies. McCray is trying to change his life and leave Charlestown. He maintains his loyalty to those he grew up with and avoids the FBI as he continues to rob banks and armored trucks.

Meanwhile, McCray unexpectedly falls in love with a bank manager (played by Rebecca Hall) after he and his group hold her hostage.

“The Town” has great acting and lots of action. The progressive story line never gets dull and is free of filler scenes. This is one of the best movies to come out in a long time and proves Affleck has what it takes to be a successful director.

Grade: A+

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