T-shirt art sends colorful message

David Rosato Major: Web Design Shirt from: Kohl’s
Emmanuel Ramirez Major: Fashion Design Shirt from: Spencers
Jordan Tijerino Major: Applied Sciences Shirt from: worlddesigns.com
Joseph Clarks Major: Liberal Arts Shirt from: Urban Outfitters
Yhen Ping Sze Major: Digital Arts Shirt from: Hong Kong

Daphne Arvizu Major: Psychology Shirt from: Anchor Blue

Story and photos by Genesis Salazar

We stop, stare, read them, laugh or just wonder what their message means … T-shirts!

Whether T-shirts convey a message that’s serious or funny, they’re a trend that shows no sign of slowing.

The T-shirt was named for its outline shape. Online histories say the garment became popular with U.S. servicemen who wore the undershirts in tropical climates because they were lighter than their uniforms.

T-shirts became popular because they were inexpensive and easy to wear with anything. People soon used T-shirts to express individuality by conveying a message, a picture, a decoration or an advertisement.

Designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Guess use T-shirts to advertise their companies.

It is also common for fans to wear T-shirts for popular movies like “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Twilight,” “Harry Potter,” “Grease” and “Star Wars.”

A survey of Pima Community College students turned up numerous interesting statements. Here are some that caught our eye.

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