Athletic Voice: Support your real teams

By James Sargent

The National Football League season has started and many people are choosing their weekly lineups for fantasy football.

I divide the football world into three types of fans: legitimate fans who follow their team religiously, hybrid fans who follow both their team and their fantasy team, and people who have no favorite team and only care about football because of fantasy.

I’m an avid fantasy football competitor, but I’ve noticed that fantasy owners too often stray from their favorite teams and root for players on their fantasy team.

Take me, for example. I’m an intense Arizona Cardinals fan but in the past few years I’ve found myself rooting for non-Cardinal players just so my fantasy team could win the week.

This year I plan to change all that. I’ve moved fantasy football to the back burner for good and my true pride will shine through.

I understand most fantasy leagues have a cash payout, but root for your real team, not the players on your fantasy team! If you are a Bengals fan but have Ray Rice on your fantasy team, root for your Bengals and don’t worry about how Rice does.

Another pet peeve that really grinds my gears is when people wear sports hats from cities to which they have no relationship.

I am from Phoenix, so I represent my Suns, Diamondbacks, Cardinals and, heck, even the Coyotes, Rattlers and Sting.

I’m not going to wear hats from St. Louis or New York just for kicks, or be “that guy” who picks his hats off teams that are currently winning.

It pisses me off when I ask someone wearing a hat if they are from that city, and they reply with a comment such as, “No, I just like the colors” or “No, but so-and-so is on my fantasy team.”

Be proud of the city you live in and support the teams that give back to your community. Wear the gear that shows off your city.

It’s understandable when people say they used to live in a certain city or their parents grew up in that city, but come on, extended relatives don’t count.

Root for the teams you love, not for the players you own. Support them by wearing their hats.

Most importantly, don’t jump on bandwagon of winning teams.

There, I’m done. It’s nice to finally get this off my chest, as I have been venting these opinions to my friends for the last five or six long years.

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