Online Extra: Vice presidential candidate to be reality TV star

By Debbie Hadley

Sarah Palin is close to finalizing a deal to be paid $1 million an episode for a new reality miniseries to be aired by Discovery Communications, sources say.

The show will focus on the former vice presidential candidate taking viewers on a scenic tour of Alaskan trout streams and showing bear traps that she personally set up in multiple forested locations.

The aim is for the show to be a contender against Discovery’s like-minded miniseries, “Life” and “Planet Earth.”

Palin is reportedly also willing to give viewers a look into her home life.

Cameras will follow her around her hometown, Wasilla, while she readjusts her Bumpit and makes speeches in front of staged Tea Party members with penned notes on the palm of her hand.

It’s unknown how the show will be received by the general media, but when Vice President Joe Biden got wind of the news, he was overheard saying, “Big f-ing deal.”

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