Online Extra: Man-Ram: ‘I wanted to be a girl!’

By Eric Townsend

LOS ANGELES- Baseball star Manny Ramirez revealed today that he wants a sex change.

The multi-million dollar hitting machine sat out for more than 50 games last year due to his suspension after failing Major League Baseball’s strict drug testing.

The 12-time All-Star was caught taking a women’s fertility drug that was prescribed to him by his personal physician.

Original reports had insisted that Ramirez was coming off his last steroid cycle, and was using the drugs to essentially cover up his enhanced testosterone levels.

Ramirez has persistently claimed that the reports are false.

“I was never taking steroids,” Ramirez said. “That’s why I was confused I was being suspended from the league.”

Ramirez, nicknamed “Man-Ram,” met with his personal physician in 2008.

“Manny came to me with a sense of urgency” the physician said. “He genuinely expressed his growing disinterest in baseball, and urged me to make him a woman. I warned him about the severity of a gender-altering operation, and I insisted there was a much safer alternative.”

After months of speculation, Ramirez finally revealed the truth.

“I was afraid to let everyone know at first, I didn’t know how people would react,” Ramirez said. “I knowingly took those drugs, because I wanted to be a girl!”

As Ramirez’s contract with the Dodgers is set to expire after this season, it is likely the future hall of famer and possible first female major leaguer will not re-sign in an attempt to pursue his current aspirations.

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