Football practices conclude

By Daniel Gaona

Spring practices are just about over and the Pima Community College football team is ready for its spring game.

Head coach Pat Nugent was hoping to play the game at a high school stadium, but none were available.

“We wanted a stadium to play in for people to watch and film and have the kids in a different environment more than anything,” Nugent said.

Instead, the Aztecs will be playing on the West Campus Field at 10 a.m. on April 24.

“We’re going to bring some bleachers out and let people sit on the sidelines,” Nugent said. “We’re home, this is our place and our kids can get dressed in their own locker room.”

Overall, Nugent said the team made “huge progress” in the spring camp, which is key for the sophomores settling in at the college level.

“We’re a lot further along than we were last year, and a lot of the kids have gotten extra reps and have gotten better,” he said. “We’re really getting the fundamentals of where we need to be.”

As far as weak points go, Nugent said it is tough to tell without the recruits.

“We have some thin positions because our recruits aren’t here, but we’re excited about having those guys come in,” he added.

After the spring game, the team will lift for two weeks and then have a break until June, when it will return to the weight room.

“June and July will be a huge growth time for these kids,” Nugent said. “They have to get physically stronger and faster, and that will prove how far we’re going to go next year.”

Fall camp begins Aug. 2 and will be held at Tucson Electric Park. Nugent is optimistic about the future.

“We’ve got a great recruiting class coming in, and I think there’s high hopes for us to really get this program rolling.”

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