Online Extra: Downtown Campus to go men-only

By David Mendez

Next year, the Pima Community College Downtown Campus is set to become a boys’ club.

According to a classified memo from the PCC Downtown administrative office, plans have been set in motion to establish an all-male campus starting next spring.

First signs of the transition are scheduled to appear within the next few days.

The change in admissions policy for Downtown Campus appears to be in reaction to figures published earlier this year regarding the slipping enrollment rate among males at PCC, particularly for Hispanic men.

The memo obtained by Aztec Press staffers is light on detail, mostly providing an outline for the transition. Still, there were a few specific ideas mentioned, outlined below:

Beginning in Summer 2010, bathrooms will be redesigned and expanded. Women’s restrooms shall be renovated to include urinals, and new signs will be purchased for the doors.

Men’s restrooms shall be left mostly untouched, although a suggestion in the memo mentioned the possibility, pending budget restrictions, of installing televisions along the walls and TVs over the urinals like the ESPN Zone or Buffalo Wild Wings. The sets will be tuned to ESPN.

The central dining area is also designated for renovation. The memo suggests completely redecorating, preferring “something like a steakhouse, or a fine cigar shop,” with faux wood paneling and flat-screen televisions with satellite TV.

The cafe itself appears to be headed for redesign with a “sports-bar” feel, possibly going so far as to serve alcohol.

In the margins, “Buffalo Wild Wings?” appears to be written in pencil, suggesting that the school is interested in at least following the Buffalo Wild Wings model, if not attempting to bring in a franchise outright.

The report notes that Downtown Campus was selected because PCC’s construction and automotive programs are offered there.

Notes in the margins support the idea, reading “girls shouldn’t be holden [sic] tools anyway. They’ll hurt themselves.”

To date, the Aztec Press has been unable to obtain explicit confirmation on the memo or the ideas outlined within.

Check back on for more details in coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Online Extra: Downtown Campus to go men-only

  1. “Women shouldn’t hold tools”? 😉 If they’re going to make a campus all male, they should do it at one of the bigger campuses. Just move the programs! Lol. Very funny read.

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