Conservatives are out of control

By James Kelley

On Election Night 2008, CNN talking heads applauded the enormity of the event.

That November evening now seems so long ago and I don’t mean because President Obama has been a little slow in fulfilling campaign promises. We are still waiting on free community college.

No, it seems like ages ago because the commentators were marveling at how great the US of A is, that we can have a peaceful transition of power every four to eight years. My, how times have changed.

Not even a year and a half later, conservatives still can’t accept the presidential loss or the 2006 loss of both houses of Congress.

Now, just to be clear, I am most assuredly a moderate and I think Obama should have fixed the economy before touching health care, but the Right has really gone over the line.

OK, so maybe they feel the legally elected executive and legislative branches are overstepping authority, but their actions only support the notion that your average American Right-Winger is from a family tree with no branches.

It is one thing to yell “you lie” or “baby killer” in Congress. That’s childish and embarrassing, but if that’s the line then people like the Tea Baggers passed it long ago. That line no longer appears in the rear-view mirror of their pickup trucks.

It is one thing to brandish nonsensical signs at rallies. (Seriously, next time learn what a Nazi is or actually rent “The Dark Knight” before making signs of Obama as Hitler or the Joker. Maybe they meant he was Two Face? Clips of the rallies imply the average education of Tea Baggers is 5th grade.)

For the record, even though Nazis were called National Socialists, they fiercely opposed Communist/Socialists. They were right-wing, racist and took power with violence. Try researching Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.

It is quite another thing to literally attack Democrats.

Conservatives have moved beyond childish behavior. They’ve spit on congressmen, called them niggers and faggots and mailed them white powder. They’ve broken office windows, including those of Tucson representative Gabrielle Giffords. They’ve posted assassination threats.

On part-time politician Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, there was a map with crosshairs on Democrats and she tweeted, “don’t retreat, reload.” Remember, that’s not the Imperial Wizard’s Web site. It is a legit GOP candidate, even though I think voting for her is straight Palin, I mean retarded.

Lawmakers had to step up security at the House after more than 10 representatives were subjected to threats of snipers and cut gas lines. White trash has no qualms with making assassination threats against Obama. Republicans are hardly trying to stop it.

This is not how America works. This is not democracy. If your party loses, you can’t just go to war.

I never really thought democracy would stick in Afghanistan or Iraq because I think the countries are too culturally backward. Is this where the United States is headed? It is not hard to imagine Dixie suicide bombers.

Remember, the KKK used terrorism long before any extremist Muslim.

Where is the end game? What happens if the Democrats retain both Houses?

Will Red(neck) states secede and attack Real America? Will there be another Civil War because some residents of the country are sore losers?

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