‘Date Night’ a funny romp

By Jacquelyn Montaño

It’s hard to find a comedy that stands out among the crowds of silly spoofs and overdone geek-meets-girl ideas. “Date Night,” starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell, stands tall amidst the wackiness.

The two play Claire and Phil Foster, a married couple from New Jersey looking to create a spark in their increasingly dull marriage. Instead of going to the same old eatery on their date night, the couple hires a babysitter for their two children and head into Manhattan to dine in a new upscale restaurant.

After being rudely told by the snooty staff that the restaurant is completely booked, the Fosters decide to harmlessly take the reservations of another couple who didn’t show. It turns out the decision isn’t so harmless after all.

Their delicious and expensive dinner is interrupted by what seem to be two gangsters who mistake them for a couple of thieves that go by the alias Tripplehorn, the last name of the couple whose reservation they stole.

Subsequently, the Fosters are forced to flee from the accusers. They run to the police, only to find that the gangsters they met earlier are actually dirty cops. Hilarity ensues as the two try to escape the men chasing them, meeting some amusing characters along the way.

“Date Night,” directed by Shawn Levy, is slathered in humor and takes the genre of romantic comedy to an entirely new level.

Although the story about the struggle to rekindle their dull marriage does fall to the backburner, there are a few touching moments between the couple that reminds us that they are indeed a couple.

Fey and Carell bring out the best in each other and the chemistry between the two is evident from the first scene to the last. Their improvisational skills definitely shine and are also featured in the outtakes at the end of the movie.

Calling the movie star-studded would be an overstatement but there’s no shortage of stars who appear during the film. Taraji P. Henson, Common and Mark Wahlberg show off their comedic skills. James Franco and Mila Kunis make the best of small roles to display their veteran talents.

On a Friday or Saturday night, look no further than “Date Night” if you’re out with that special someone. When you’ve finished your dinner and you’re headed to the movies, “Date Night” is the perfect selection for your own date night.

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