Pima Music Society: New student club welcomes members

Story and photos by David Mendez

Music lovers rejoice!

The Pima Music Society at West Campus is now active and inviting students from all fields who enjoy music to join them at their meetings.

The club started in earnest this semester, but has been a project in the mind of member Jonny Mullins for more than a year.

The idea for the Pima Music Society came about when Mullins, a non-traditional student looking to further his training in music, took music production classes at West Campus last year.

“I was taking a recording class, finished it and got an A,” Mullins said. “I wanted to take the next level class, but it didn’t exist because the college doesn’t have the kind of recording equipment necessary for higher level classes.”

He initially came up with the idea for the club as a way to raise money for new recording equipment, and then expanded upon the idea, he said.

Club members have discussed raising money for music student scholarships, along with putting on performances for diners in the West Campus cafeteria.

Music instructor Carol Christofferson is serving as the club’s faculty sponsor.

“We’ve considered doing world music performances, without using traditional western instruments,” Christofferson said. She also said that the club has an interest in traveling to Native American reservations to teach western music styles.

Still, members don’t have a firm direction. In the meantime, the club has decided to become service-oriented.

“At our last meeting, at the request of the librarians, we went to the library and organized the music section,” Christofferson said.

In the library, students found surprising amounts of sheet music, instrument studies books and music history books that most of the students weren’t aware even existed.

In addition to community projects, club members hope the group can help foster a connection between campus communities.

“We want to make the whole school realize that they can help each other,” member Vanessa Lesley said.

The arts should be interconnected, helping each other out, Mullins added.

“I’d love for clubs to be able to call down here, asking for a band to play at a fundraiser, and have a band go out there to help them out,” he said. “It’d be cool if photo (students) could show up at plays and recitals, to have musicians playing at art openings, to have graphic arts designing T-shirts for music fundraisers.”

Unfortunately, the Pima Music Society faces the same problem as most campus clubs–turnover.

“We lost a lot of members between the fall and spring semesters–a lot of people who were here last semester just couldn’t fit it into their schedule this semester,” Mullins said.

Currently, the club has about 11 members. They invite students of all tastes and musical experiences to join them.

“The club isn’t set up to discriminate,” Mullins said.

Meetings, open to everyone wishing to attend, are held every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the office of Carol Christofferson, CFA-20 in the music building.

Brett Wessel plays guitar during a meeting of the Pima Music Society.

Brooke Davanzati, left, and Vanessa Lesley share a laugh as they work on a song.

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