MARIE’S MUNCHIES: Guadalajara Grill

Review and photos by Marie Rodriguez

Everybody has gone to a Mexican restaurant and tried a salsa they thought was too spicy, too chunky, too mild, too… something. At Guadalajara Grill, the salsa is made fresh tableside.

A nice lady comes to your table with a cart full of goodies. She has different peppers and spices and asks how spicy you would like your salsa. The end result tastes like something my grandma would make fresh (that’s a very good thing).

The prices for entrees could be steep for an average college student. A plate ranges from about $12 up to $19. On a budget, appetizers are a student’s best bet. They fill you up and don’t come with the standard beans and rice fillers.

Why do I call the beans and rice fillers? When they don’t yield high amounts of flavor on their own, they become fillers.

Unfortunately, Guadalajara Grill’s rice tasted like I could’ve made it (that means it’s not like grandma’s).

Fortunately, there are other things for the Grill to brag about besides the tasteless rice. Tortillas are made fresh in their kitchen daily.

The menu also allows for cost-conscious customers to save on daily lunch specials. These plates range from about $9 to $11 and include fish tacos, fajitas and even lobster.

Fish tacos at the Grill certainly are worth going for. These tacos are stuffed with tasty, crunchy shrimp that jump ship as you eat.

Marisol Gandarilla, left, and Maria Ramirez take reservations at Guadalajara Grill.

Visit the restaurant weekdays between 3-6 p.m. and you are in for some happy hours. The Grill’s happy hour consists of a $3 house margarita that is big enough to last you through a meal. They also serve $2.50 draft beers and take $2 off any tequila flight and selected appetizers.

If you’re in the mood for a nice dinner, this may not be the place to go. If you’re out for a couple of drinks and some appetizers to share with friends, this is a good place to visit.

Salsa is made fresh to order at your table.


Guadalajara Grill

Address: 1220 E. Prince Road

Phone: 323-1022

Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Web site:

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