Online Extra: Catch local premiere of ‘Sons of Tucson’ at UA

By Debbie Hadley

Tucson residents can catch the premiere of a new Fox TV show titled “Sons of Tucson” during a premiere on the University of Arizona campus.

Fox will air the first two episodes of the series on March 10 at 5 p.m. at UA’s Gallagher Theater.

Mayor Bob Walkup is scheduled to present keys to the city to lead actor Tyler Labine (who starred in the CW’s “Reaper”) and executive producer Justin Berfield (who played second-oldest brother Reese on “Malcolm in the Middle.”)

“Sons of Tucson” will debut nationally on the Fox network March 14, airing Sundays at 8:30 p.m. after “Family Guy.”

The premise involves three young boys whose father has been sent to white-collar prison on financial charges. The brothers, not wanting to be sent to foster care, move from New Jersey to Tucson and hire a rent-a-dad played by Tyler Labine. Comedy ensues.

While the show is named after our fair city, it isn’t actually filmed here. It will be shot entirely in Los Angeles, with stock footage used in appropriate places to showcase Tucson.

The last sitcom with a Tucson setting was the one-season wonder “Greetings from Tucson,” which aired in 2002-03 on the WB network. Executive producer of that show was Peter Murrieta, a native son who graduated from Sabino High School.

“Greetings from Tucson,” about an Irish-Hispanic family living in Tucson, was also filmed in Los Angeles.

A recent movie, “Hamlet 2,” is another production that was filmed elsewhere (New Mexico) but pretended to be set in Tucson. It managed a classic potshot, showing a Tucson city limits sign as a voiceover narrated, “Tucson – where dreams go to die.”

Perhaps, however, there is a silver lining in receiving a backhanded spotlight. When movies are filmed locally, it seems they end up on everyone’s Top 10 list for worst movies of the year (i.e., Transformers 2).

Still, if you happen to attend the “Sons of Tucson” screening, be one of the first 100 to arrive so you can grab a free T-shirt. It doesn’t hurt to promote Tucson wherever shameless plugging can be found.


What: Local premiere, “Sons of Tucson”

When: March 10, 5 p.m.

Where: Gallagher Theater, University of Arizona Student Union

Cost: Free. First 100 attendees get a “Sons of Tucson” T-shirt.

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