Wait awhile to assess Apple’s iPad

By Isabel Cardenas

Regardless of whether you are a tech geek like me, or just a regular college student who dabbles with electronics, you must have heard all the hype about Apple’s latest product, the iPad.

This device is the latest in the short lived and long time held back line of tablets by Apple. Tablets are not computers but they are not cell phones either. They are more of a hybrid of the two.

The iPad cannot make calls but has capabilities of connecting to Wi-fi (or you can get the option locked in with a service plan), sending and receiving e-mails, browsing the Internet and reading electronic books. Users can also access the amazing Apple APP store.

People have been reacting violently toward the product.

They are either disgusted at the sheer waste of Apple genius on such a “worthless product,” or thrilled and appalled that Apple did not introduce such a magnificent object before. As always, there is no in-between with Apple products.

The good thing about the iPad (for us college students) is the fact that it could change the course of how we learn in school, making textbooks easily accessible. There are plenty of rumors circulating that textbook companies are jumping on the Apple bandwagon.

The bad thing about it now is that, like all first-generation Apple products, the iPad has flaws. It is best to wait until the third generation to ever buy a product from Apple, and even then you’ll be lucky to get one without any kinks in the system.

Also, prices start at $499, which makes it practically unaffordable for college students.

So we’ll hold out for three years, to see if the iPad is really the Messiah of tablets, saving the publishing industry and adding a hot tech product, or if it really is the downfall of Apple and its overpriced, over-hyped products.

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