Feb 14. a meaningless holiday

By Isabel Cardenas

I hate Valentine’s Day. I am a red-blooded, 21-year-old, semi-attractive female (well… I can get dates), and I hate it. The holiday has lost all meaning to me.

What does Valentine’s Day even mean? To most it means getting trinkets and ensuring we get laid for the rest of the year. We put fake sentimental value on materialistic yearnings like polyester teddy bears and chocolate.

Single people place a greater value on Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where you’re acutely aware of how alone you really are. When these single people finally get into a position where they can participate, they glorify the day into a pink, fluffy, overdone circus.

Few people even know the meaning of V-day. The Roman Catholic Church created the holiday to commemorate St. Valentine and his heroic antics for the church (thank you History channel! http://www.history.com/content/valentine/history-of-valentine-s-day).

The reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14 is because people believed that birds start their mating season then.

A few Slick Sallies and Carpetbagger Carls jumped on the chance to make love as commercial as possible. Then came the Hallmark card, the mass producer of emotionless cardboard cut-out replacements for love.

Valentine’s Day cards spawned the murder of most verbal expressions of the heart, opening the floodgates for other ways to butcher our communications: Christmas cards, Easter cards and I’m-sorry-your-dog-got-run-over-but-here’s-a-card cards.

Now, I’m not a single, bitter, crazy lady with a dozen cats. I enjoy relationships and am currently in one. I understand that as a functioning couple in American society, we observe and often practice ridiculous rituals to be accepted.

I am not raging a vendetta against commercialism; I will save that for another opinion article. What I am asking for is a change.

We must be able to show each other love, loyalty, affection and trust through other means. We must be able to tell each other these things every day, not just once a year because Corporate America said so.

We must love by action and verbal communication, not by overpriced cards stuck hastily in a 25-cent envelope.

We must get back to the real meaning of love, beyond all the gifts and cheesy conversation hearts.

Let this leech of a holiday take its place in history, where it belongs.

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