ASK GABI: Manage time well

Story and photo by Gabi Piña

Welcome back, young grasshoppers. If you followed my basic rules to landing yourself a major stud, you’re ready for the next step.

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to cuddle up next to your [*insert preferred pet name here*] you can’t help but think, “What’s next?”

When in a new relationship, lots of people seem to wrap themselves too tightly around their significant other. They overlook the fact that other people are involved in their lives.

Think back to the people who stood by listening to you talk about your crush. Remember the people who dealt with your random mood swings and your somewhat annoying tendencies?

Ah, friends. You remember those, don’t you? You didn’t spare them all the mushy details. Now, spending some quality time with them is the least you can do.

Whenever you do find time to hang out with friends, don’t spend it chatting them up about cute things your beau does. Believe it or not, it gets rather exasperating.

Maybe this new person is the love of your life—I’m not one to judge—but odds are they’re not.

I’m blaming my cynicism on my still-somewhat-young age. You’re supposed to be going out on adventures, enjoying life. You’re not supposed to have your life consumed entirely by one person.

When something tremendously important happens in your life, odds are you’ll like more than one opinion. When in need, your friends can offer you a level of comfort that your significant other cannot.

You benefit from having both parties in your life because, in all likelihood, they have different beliefs. They both have your best interests at heart, but their advice probably differs considerably.

Managing your time wisely among your partner, friends and other aspects of your life will make things less complicated.

You’d avoid unnecessary drama and end up making everybody somewhat happy.

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