Chekov’s ‘Three Sisters’ offers subtle message

By ROBYN ZELICKSON Anton Chekov is a Russian writer and dramatist best known for ‘The Cherry Orchard,” “Uncle Vanya” and “The Seagull.” But another work, “Three Sisters,” may be his best. Chekov wrote “Three Sisters” in 1900, and the play debuted in 1901 at the Moscow Art Theatre. The Pima Community College theater arts department […]

PCC prevention program aims to educate

By BRIANNA HERNANDEZ Joscelyn Luque and Paula Grijalva, Pima Community College students at Desert Vista Campus, began looking into the Aztec Proactive Prevention Program after they saw flyers at their campus. AP3 was developed for PCC students in an effort to prevent substance abuse and to decrease the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases. […]

Les-bi honest, coming out is hard

By ERIK MEDINA Imagine a boy named John. He’s gay and until recently, didn’t want anyone to know because he feared abuse, neglect and even abandonment. He waited for the right time and finally decided to come out. Surprisingly, John’s parents embraced his announcement while offering hugs and kisses. This is a dream for many […]

Veterinary program: paws to refresh

Stories By DALE VILLEBURN OLD COYOTE Caretakers gather their tools, carefully monitoring the vitals of the unconscious patient on the examination table. They spread the patient’s jaws open and a procedure begins. Fitz, a 3-year-old Queensland Heeler mix, is undergoing a dental checkup at Pima Community College’s East Campus veterinary center. It’s a non-invasive procedure […]

It’s all about how you rebound

By NICHOLAS TRUJILLO Being scouted by the University of Arizona, becoming a motivational speaker and holding a championship trophy. Those aren’t things anyone expects to happen to them, especially a former juvenile delinquent. After being in and out of juvenile detention, Mario Moran started that climb after 11:33 p.m. May 27, 2005. “As a teen […]

SOFTBALL: Aztecs drop their five-game win streak

By CASEY MUSE JR.  The Pima Community College softball team (34-19, 28-16 ACCAC) managed to scrape together some key wins during the back half of the regular season. The bullpen has remained consistent all season and the bats are finding their stoke at the right time of year. April 8: PCC 14, EAC 6/ PCC […]

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  • FROM THE EDITOR: With great title, comes great responsibility

    FROM THE EDITOR: With great title, comes great responsibility

    By NICHOLAS TRUJILLO This year I dropped the ball as the web editor. I didn’t make daily updates. I didn’t change the website. I didn’t inspire people to, either. What I did was just take a title that had a lot responsibility and throw it down the drain. However, next year will be different. Next […]

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